We are at a crossroads in the development of Queenstown Airport. Forecast passenger demand exceeds the airport’s capacity constraints.

Queenstown Airport Corporation (QAC) and its majority owner Queenstown Lakes District Council must choose from three distinctly different growth options. These are:

  1. Remain within current ANBs at Queenstown Airport, with excess demand redirected to Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill.
  2. A dual airport strategy that retains and expands Queenstown Airport within current ANBs and substantially develops Wanaka Airport to enable demand to be split between the two.
  3. Relocation of Queenstown Airport to a new site that could accommodate the forecast demand more safely, efficiently and with fewer negative impacts.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the choice, once made, will shape our district and this region for the next generation. 

Our research shows that relocating the airport would have substantial positive effects across all sectors. It would be better for Frankton, the Wakatipu, Wanaka, and the region. Better for the community, tourism, local transport, the environment, and global climate change. Better financially for housing affordability, for ratepayers and for the airlines.

Relocating the airport would also be much better financially for QAC. Raising $1.2 billion from the sale of its Frankton property and relocating to cheaper land would save it millions in debt and make it a more profitable company that would be better able to serve its clients, shareholders and community.

This site summaries our extensive research. We put our analysis into the public arena where it can be critiqued, peer reviewed and challenged. Our goal is to deepen our collective understanding of the many aspects involved in this discussion so that wiser choices can be made. 

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